Radio Bageshwori FM (94.6 MHz) has been established under Bageshwori FM Pvt. Ltd with the objectives of Broadcasting information, entertainment, awareness and education based programs. Bageshwori FM 94.6 MHz has been founded by the talented bunch of individuals from various fields of profession mainly renowned businessmen, identified social workers and well known Media Professionals from Dang and Nepalgunj. Bageshwori FM is located in Bidhut road, Nepalgunj-13, in its own building. And it is proudly the first commercial FM station in the entire Mid and Far western region of Nepal.

Bageshwori FM (94.6 MHz) is highly committed to contribute the best for the Nation’s mass Media sector. The program broadcasted is of multi Varity that targets of all the age group. Its 1000 watts transmission effectively reaches throughout the Banke district and all the major and big parts of Bardiya, Dang, Surkhet, Dailekh, Jajarkot, Pyuthan, Arghakhanchi, Achham, Bajura, Doti, Dadeldhura, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. Moreover, its coverage area also includes different many districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, namely, Baharaich, Sarabasti and other areas side by side. In the form of Radio skill and featured presentation, Radio Bagheshwori FM 94.6 MHz offers programs of News and current affairs education, entertainment, information, environment, Health, Development, Good Governance, public interest, awareness and much more. Radio Bagheshwori FM offers in particular classic, flock and modern music to suit the tests of its listeners. Moreover, it also looks forward for the promotion of other local languages like Awadhi, Tharu, Hindi and Urdu.

Our client ranges from large Business organization to small and medium enterprises, sports and community based social organizations as well. All works are tailored, according to the specific needs of the client considering each and every business type and budget requirements. The Station has been equipped by the latest equipments in the Broadcasting technology. The transmitter we are having is powerful and reliable and is guaranteed to broadcast the static free broadcast to listeners of and surroundings. Our coverage area also includes various parts of parts of border area of India as well. Our transmitter has fully automatic switch over system that shifts to another back up that is in reserve. We have antenna tower that measures 180 ft vertically in height. In addition to that the frequency of 94.6 MHz would even be heard in the capital city of UP, Lucknow of India. We have sufficiently and well trained professional Radio personals that will bring you the package of ideal INFOTAINMENT. Despite of the challenge being tough we are very much potential and confident that we could achieve the goal with the support of you all.